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Mrs. Madhu Jadhav

Founder, Prayatna

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About the Founder                    

Madhu Jadhav is a young social activist who has been working for social welfare for the past 4 years. She has vivid experience in various organizations and played a vital role in the formulation and implementation of policies & finance. She is especially passionate about giving voice to unheard communities, especially women and underprivileged children. Madhu Jadhav closely knows the struggle of the poor and has been doing her bit since her engagement in the social sector. 


Such a wide experience helped Madhu Jadhav in establishing the social initiative “PRAYATNA”. Through this social venture, she aims to help the needy people of society who are struggling to meet their basic needs. There are many reasons that the poor are facing difficulties in their life such as lack of support for education, medical expenses and many more. To recognize such people who are in desperate need and uplift them is the vision of Prayatna. 

With Prayatna’s vision to empower the people from vulnerable communities, Madhu and her team have focused on serving the people with the foundational values of Prayatna. It takes up individual cases based on their immediate needs. Individuals suffering from any critical diseases are provided support for their health; specific cases are also taken for rehabilitation wherein they are given educational support, vocational training, entrepreneurship training, counseling and provision for aids and appliances.

Madhu Jadhav is looking forward to providing a professional service to society through her dream project Prayatna. She strongly believes that by reaching the grassroots level, she could improve the quality of life of the needy. Hence, she reaches the needy at their places and listens to the difficulties and challenges and supports them by fulfilling their needs.

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