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Let us bring a smile on the smiley face

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A few weeks ago our 10 years old child Smilee Kamble health conditions became poor and her parents took her to the doctors. Then, they came to know that she is suffering from life-threatening Acute Liver Failure. Immediately, rushed to the Jupiter Lifeline Hospitals Ltd. Pune, Maharashtra.

Doctors recommended an urgent liver transplant to save Smilee’s life. The transplant costs Rs. 20 lakhs that is far beyond the family’s ability, that is too in the next 30 days. Smiley's father is the sole breadwinner in their family and his earning is enough only to meet daily expenses. 

Smiley is a lovely child in the family and a favorite for all the family members. She was excellent in her studies. But, she went into depression after started suffering from this severe disease.         

It’s been a difficult journey for Smilee and her family. She needs all the help she could get now as her life came to a standstill. Her mother is ready to donate her liver to Smilee but this needs support for the transplantation. As the amount required is huge, we request you to kindly contribute towards the treatment and help them during this time of need. Please help us to raise the funds by contributing your bit. Also, share this with your beloved ones so that little Smilee can become normal and enjoy her childhood.



Operational Cost


A child named smiley, suffering from Acute liver failure will be benefited

Total Cost






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