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Prayatna for a better society, an initiative to support the economically backward and underprivileged people who are struggling to make ends meet in this society. Many people around us are facing difficulties in providing education to their children, to meet the medical needs of their family members or to earn their piece of bread. Prayatna was started by Mrs. Madhu Jadhav with an intent to support such individuals or families to enrich their lives.

Education is the most potent catalyst for social transformation and is both the means as well as the end to a better life, but many children still don’t have access to education or dropping out of school because of poor conditions in their families. There are dangerous diseases in the world that need a bigger amount to cure. But, people from marginalized communities couldn’t bear the expenses and they lack financial support for the treatment of such diseases.

There are many poorest of the poor families and communities who need support to earn their livelihood. Those communities are in desperate need of support in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. 


Prayatna intends to support the education of such children and enhance their dignity in society. Prayatna is working to support the needy in education, healthcare and to earn their livelihood through the projects. Grassroots initiatives of Prayatna are created to address localized problems. Projects are designed keeping in mind the problems of needy people. 

The founder of Prayatna, Madhu Jadhav has been working for the society for the past four years and knows the problems that are facing by vulnerable communities. Hence, she started this initiative to do her bit for the betterment of such communities and strengthen their hands. 


Prayatna reaches the needy with well planned and comprehensive projects in supporting their requirements. Prayatna’s overall goal is the empowerment of marginalized communities and the improvement of their lives and livelihoods. 

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